It is with deep sadness we announce that Studio Trilogy is no longer operating and our record light is now dark. If you would like to own a little piece of this amazing studio, our equipment is for sale! Just email us for a current list. If you would like to work with Justin Lieberman and Willie Samuels, they are available for freelance recording and mixing work.

We provide several custom studio options to our clients that take into account the unique technical and budgetary requirements of every project. Each of the control rooms can access the main live room, with the ability to add up to 10 isolated recording spaces.

The studio’s main live room is designed with changeable acoustic panels and measures 18’x30’x14’ with a 23’ clearstory. The studio also offers a large open gallery space measuring 49’x18.5’ x 18’. In addition to the two main recording rooms, there are 4 isolation booths and 4 sound-locks.