Post Production

It is with deep sadness we announce that Studio Trilogy is no longer operating and our record light is now dark. If you would like to own a little piece of this amazing studio, our equipment is for sale! Just email us for a current list. If you would like to work with Justin Lieberman and Willie Samuels, they are available for freelance recording and mixing work.

We pride ourself on the strength and diversity of our post-production services. Whether clients need to record music to picture, voice over or mix in stereo or 5.1 Surround, we have the creative staff to accommodate the requirements of your project.

If your business is advertising, film/television production, game production, mobile apps, Internet services, podcasts, corporate video or audio books, Studio Trilogy guarantees the finest quality audio for your project. From your initial contact with our business manager, Cindy McSherry, to the completion of your project in the studio with one of our experienced engineers, our team will provide you and your project with the attention you deserve.

Our post-production services are ever-evolving and currently include:

voice over, ADR, music sync to picture

mono, stereo, and 5.1 surround for film, tv, radio and interactive

300GB+ sound effects library, and original sound effects creation

writing and creative direction, voice casting, voice over directing, voice acting coaching, radio advertising production


Whether you wish to attend your session virtually or provide additional team members with real-time monitoring of your sessions, we have many solutions to offer including:
NICECAST – password protected iTunes streaming on your computer or mobile device