Control Room C

It is with deep sadness we announce that Studio Trilogy is no longer operating and our record light is now dark. If you would like to own a little piece of this amazing studio, our equipment is for sale! Just email us for a current list. If you would like to work with Justin Lieberman and Willie Samuels, they are available for freelance recording and mixing work.

Control C is geared towards post-production and features a 16 fader Digidesign D Control console. 5.1 Surround capable, Studio C is equipped with a Black Magic HD video system and a 40” 1080p LED TV for video playback.

In addition to the equipment housed in Control Room C, we also have a great collection of floating gear and instruments. There are no extra charges for use of the house instruments or floating gear, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


16 Fader Digidesign D Control


Digidesign Pro-Tools HD-3 w/ 192 converters
Studer A827 2” 24 Track


Genelec 8050
Avantone Mix Cubes

Mic Preamplifiers

API 3124 (4Ch)
*See Floating Preamps


Zephyr X-Stream ISDN Codec
JK Innkeeper PBX Digital Hybrid