Control Room B

It is with deep sadness we announce that Studio Trilogy is no longer operating and our record light is now dark. If you would like to own a little piece of this amazing studio, our equipment is for sale! Just email us for a current list. If you would like to work with Justin Lieberman and Willie Samuels, they are available for freelance recording and mixing work.

Control Room B is our API tracking room. Featuring a 32-channel API 1608 with a custom loaded equalizer section, it is a favorite of our staff and independent engineers for music recording. In addition to the 32-channel API, the room also has a 16-channel Speck X Sum summing amp that can utilize additional Pro Tools outputs.

In addition to the equipment housed in Control Room B, we also have a great collection of floating gear and instruments. There are no extra charges for use of the house instruments or floating gear.


32 Channel API 1608


Digidesign Pro-Tools HD-3 w/ 192 converters
Studer A827 2” 24 Track


Dynaudio BM15A
Yamaha NS-10
Genelec 7070A Sub


UA 1176 (x2)
Neve 33609
Smart Reseach C2
Empirical Labs Distressor ELX8 (x2)
API 527 (x2)

Mic Preamplifiers

API 312 (x32)
Vintech X73 (x2)
Chandler TG2
Manley Dual Mono*See Floating Preamps
API 3124
*See Floating Preamps


Tube Tech EQP-1A (x2)
Arsenal Audio V14 (x2)
S & M Audio EQSM1 (x4)
Great River / Harrison 32EQ (x2)
API 550B (x6)